Gen Lee riding his beloved horse Traveller. Character shadows not added yet. Buddy is my neighbours dog and planning on a dog/cat caper animation! Infantryman with long coat and forage cap Infantryman with leather hat and long coat Infantryman with leather hat and long coat Infantryman with straw hat and long coat Infantryman with kepi and short jacket Infantryman with kepi, short jacket and alternative cuffs Infantryman with kepi and jacket Infantryman with kepi and long coat I’m presently working on an American Civil War project and hoping to do an animation of the Battle of Gettysberg.  This may prove to be too  big a job but thought I’d give it ago.  I’ve so far done a few characters  and I’m now working on Confederate infantry.  I will post some test  animations shortly but for the time being I’ve posted some scene and  character renders. My working method for creating art work is to do sketches first, either  traditionally or with Twisted Brush, and then work them up to a  finished state digitally.  Back drops I paint with Twisted Brush or draw using Xara Designer and Illustrator. All my characters are drawn with the drawing tools within Anime Studio which allow creation of quite  impressive vector illustration. Welcome to the animation part of my site.  I have been using Anime  Studio Pro for some years now for doing animation but have not had  much time to devote to it and so it is only recently that I’ve started  doing much work with it. Above is a scene shot from a short animation I’ve been working on based on my neighbours dog Buddy who’s a rather yappy King Charles; no  surprise there!  Buddy is not too happy about other dogs or cats walking the streets! The above images are renders of the frontal view of a Confederate  infantryman.  This character was drawn in Anime Studio.  I will also  have to do front-3/4, side, back-3/4 and rear views and each view will  need short animations for walking and running cycles, loading rifle,  firing and rifle slung over shoulder. There were about 150 Confederate regiments at Gettysberg and drawing and animating separate characters for each regiment would be crazy.   So, I’m making one animated character for each troop type, plus officers, with multiple parts which I hope will allow me to copy and adapt for  each regiment.  Each component can be switched off or deleted and all  colours can be changed. Hopefully I’ll soon have 75,000 Confederates ready to take the field and I hope they can hold back on heroic charges until I’ve created the Union  troops!