I’m a British artist and have been  drawing from as early an age as I can  remember.   I now divide my time between traditional painting, digital painting and  drawing, 3d modelling and 2d animation.  Over the last eight years I have learned to use a range of software for creating my digital art.  I use  Twisted Brush Pro, Hexagon, Carrara Pro, Zbrush, Xara Designer Pro,  Anime Studio Pro, Terragen and Manga Studio Ex.   I spent my early childhood in the West Country and often visited  Stone  Henge with my Father.  I used to love  touching the stones but the public  can’t do this today which is a shame.   My first drawings were probably knights, spaceships and ancient  monuments but you’d have to ask my Father as I don’t remember!  Art  was always my favourite subject during my school years although science was also a major interest too and I studied both at higher level.   I spent three years at university studying biology and my art was put on hold but after finishing my studies the inner artist escaped and I went  along the art route.   My first professional art job in the 1980’s was working with Level 9  Computers doing vector art for games. I had eight colours to work with  including black and white!!  I later started selling my work on Bayswater Road and to private clients.  I worked for a while in the 1990’s on game  art for Edcom Computers and had 256 colours which was a great  improvement!   I first started painting landscapes, old master copies and wildlife art  using soft pastel, oil and watercolour however, my interest in sci-fi and  fantasy art has increased with time and now most of my work is of this  genre.  I’m a member of  ASFA (Association of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Artists).