I’ve always been interested in politics and stood as a Green candidate in the last local elections.  One of those wise Greeks said .... “if you don’t  take an interest in politics don’t be suprised if you’re ruled by idiots!!” A natural progression from my spiritual beliefs led me into eco and  green issues. It seems so apparent that, as a species, we can’t keep  multiplying indefinitely and keep dumping our waste in holes in the  ground or in the oceans while living on a rock in space which has finite resources!  Just seems common sense to me! I’ve been interested in science for many years and in the last few decades I’ve become fascinated with spiritual matters.  Perhaps this goes back to touching the stones of the Stone Henge as a kid?  Some may wonder why I’ve lumped them together in the same section of my blog!  Well, I just  think the two are very closely linked but I am talking about an open and enquiring science which is not bound by political correctness.  One of my favourite scientists and authors is Dr Rupert Shelldrake as his work fits the above requirement very well.  I highly recommend his books and you can find a link to his site on the links page. Here I plan to post updates and details of any  art projects that are  works in progress.  It could be a series of paintings I have decided to  work on or possibly an animation project I’m working on.  This will  inform visitors about any up and coming exhibitions of my work, new  images or tutorials added to the site. As well as art, I have quite a few other interests including spirituality,   science, eco issues and politics.