This site was created and is maintained by James Horsler and last updated 10/01/2013 The Quallen ships can travel in hyper space but use a type of plasma drive when manoeuvering within planetary systems.  These spaceships, although non-militaristic, are well armed to protect themselves. Sci-fi digital 3d art rendered in Cinema 4D
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I work in all of the main traditional painting media, such as, soft pastel, gouache, watercolour and oils.  My digital art includes bitmap pixel  painting, vector illustration, 3D modelling, 3D sculture and animation. My favourite traditional media are soft pastel and oil.  For my digital  work I  use Twisted Brush (pixel or bitmap painting), Xara Designer Pro (vector illustration and website design), Z-Brush (3d digital sculpting  and texture painting and creation), Terragen (3d terrain and planet  creation and rendering ), Carrara Pro (storyboarding, scene creation,  texturing and digital rendering) and Hexagon (3d digital modelling),  Manga Studio (bitmap and vector graphic drawing and illustration) and finally Anime Studio Pro (2d digital animation and vector illustration). Although I still do the odd traditional art subjects, such as, landscapes, portraits, animals, wildlife, still-life or marine in my paintings the bulk of my work is now either fantasy or sci-fi (science fiction).  I find I get  more satisfaction from painting fantasy and sci-fi subjects, either  digitally or traditionally, as there is nothing to limit the imagination. Some of the navigation buttons on this site may be inactive as I am still in the process of site construction and am concentrating on putting my fantasy and digital work on display first but I will activate all parts of the site as time allows. This website profiles my traditional art and my digital art, such as,  paintings , drawings, 3d digital models and digital animations.  There  are also  pages to view originals or prints I have for sale.  There is also a section with tutorials and lessons for those that like doing their own art and a sitemap link in the galleries panel for those that get lost. Welcome to my website.  The navigation buttons giving access to my  digital and fantasy art work are to the left under the heading of  galleries.  There are navigation buttons above to pages about me, giving my privacy policy, links to other sites and my blog which has sections  on the environment, art (fantasy, digital and traditional), science and  spirituality and politics. I have recently started an animation project and have made live the  links to the animation pages on this site.  I am using Anime Studio Pro for my animated work.  I create my own backdrops either using  traditional media, Twisted Brush Pro or Xara Designer Pro. There are some amazing sci-fi and fantasy artists who display there art creations online.  Many of these can be found at the ASFA website and a number of other portals.  I have links to many fantasy and sci-fi artists as well as some traditional artists websites on my links page. The Quallen are a peaceful race whose sole reason for existence is the  gathering of knowledge about all things and their spaceships travel the stars and they have been studying Skorden for many centuries now. Images on this site are in image galleries.  Although I have attempted to keep colours true to the originals the colours of my images may display differently on a viewers monitor according to how their monitor profile and screen settings vary to mine. Although I have many ideas for animation projects I am presently  working on an animation of The Battle of Gettysberg from the American Civil War.  This is a pretty big project and at the moment I’m creating  characters and other assets.  I will post some test animations shortly  but for the time being I’ve posted some scene and character renders. Demo Reel