As well as sci-fi and fantasy works, I paint more traditional subjects, although less and less these days.  Some of my images will be  available eventually as prints and others as original paintings. I normally use paper and charcoal or Twisted Brush to sketch out ideas and my digital paintings are  created with this program. I’m planning, time  permitting, to create some tutorials for anyone  wanting get stuck in to painting or drawing. Sometimes I create vector art illustrations using  Xara Designer Pro which I also used to create this  website. Additionally, I use  traditional media eg. oils, gouache, watercolour,  soft pastels and acrylics for creating my non-sci-fi/fantasy works.  Images of these works can be found in this gallery but any for sale are shown in the Originals for Sale or Prints Gallery. The above images are a mixture of traditionally and digitally painted works.   My first works in colour were done with colour pencils and  then I moved into soft pastels which are amazing for creating texture which was excellent as, during this period, I was largely painting  landscapes.  I then started doing works with gouache and oil for more detailed subjects such as the dormouse and little bluetit above. Our last winter in the UK was a very cold winter and I hadn't done a sunset sky for ages so thought snow, red sky and water would be good. Painted with Twisted Brush Pro This was one of my early digital paintings done when I was playing with the water colour brushes in Painter. I personally prefer Twisted Brush which is simple to use. Painted with Corel Painter Again, an early digital painting.  I got this idea when I was pondering about how many things have been re-invented throughout history!  I'm sure our Neolithic ancestors were pretty smart. Started in Painter and finished in Twisted Brush Pro This is a fantasy scene but losely based on Welsh castles.  I often use a tree to frame a painting which has the added benefit of increasing the appearance of depth. Painted with Twisted Brush Pro I think rhinos are ver majestic and charcoal is a medium that allows the creation of atmosphere very easily and is a lovely medium to draw with.  Drawn on cartridge paper I love watching the garden birds and blue tits are one of our prettiest.  This study was painted 5 " x 4" with gouache on paper I love animals and wanted to do a detailed study. This little fellow looks like he's having a real good feast! Oil on canvas board I do love stately gardens although ones that are more intimate.  I don't believe there is a better medium for painting gardens than soft pastel.  Painted on sandpaper Most of my early work was with soft pastel and I painted many subjects that you might not expect to be done with this medium.  This subject was quite a challenge and was painted on paper