I have always loved reading sci-fi and fantasy novels and now create my own images from my imaginings.  Some of my images will be  available eventually as prints and others as original paintings. I normally use paper and charcoal or Twisted Brush to sketch out ideas and my digital paintings are  created with this program. I’m planning, time  permitting, to create some tutorials for anyone  wanting to try their hand with Twistsed Brush Sometimes I create vector art  illustrations using Xara Designer Pro which I also used to create  this website. Also, I use  traditional media, eg, oils, gouache,  watercolour, soft pastels and acrylics for creating  sci-fi works.  Images of these works can be found in all sections of this site but any for sale are shown in the ‘Originals for Sale’ or ‘Prints for Sale’ galleries. I have recently been working on  images based on a future Earth  where robots have obtained full  citizenship and even compete in  sporting events.  However, so as  not to embarrass human  competitors they have to have  there own robort only events! Like many others, I was really  inspired by the performance of our athletes in London 2012 so will  probably do some images based  on some of these determined  souls. This was a creature design I did, for an online competition, which was themed around the element of water. Created with Pixara Twisted Brush Pro A space explorer marooned on an ice world, gulp! Was it by accident or intent? Painted with Twisted Brush Pro This was a piece I did playing around with the space brushes in Twisted Brush, painted with Twisted Brush Pro With technology improving at an ever increasing rate I'm sure the day will come when we have robot citizens and they may want to do sport too!. "Come on UK". Painted with Twisted Brush Pro Just fancied painting a moonlit scene one evening and wolves and bats came to mind, painted with Twisted Brush Pro A warrior chicken hey!  Well, why not as we are told we live in an infinite Universe with infinite parrallel universes, painted with Twisted Brush Pro So, where will tinkering with genetics lead us? Personally, I don't believe inheritance of traits is largely genetic so I'm not too worried! Painted with Twisted Brush Pro This work was created for an online competition promoting the Dodge Dart and was based on Darth Vader, created with Xara Designer Pro 6 Pertanium Bolt at 2212 Robot Games, inspired by Usain Bolt and created with Xara Designer Pro 6