I love sci-fi and fantasy and being an artist and dreamer it’s of no  surprise that a few alien worlds have an existence inside my mind!  The  fantasy World of Skorden is something that has been evolving for a few years now, in my mind at least, and I am now giving it a reality in my  art.  Some elements I have created as digital paintings and others as 3d  models which I have rendered as scenes. The Planet of Skorden resides in an as yet undiscovered galaxy many  many light years from Earth and our solar system and has a complex eco- system.  It is a world of similar size to Earth but is part of a binary star system; a hot young star and a red dwarf which rotate around each other in a close orbit.  Skorden is at a suitable distance from it’s two stars to  allow life to be sustained and life has thrived on Skorden for millions of  years.  Skorden is a world with water and a number of oceans and there are  three large continents each dominated by a different intelligent species  which are largely ignorant of each others existence apart from a few  individuals that get carried to one of the other continents by chance.   Skorden is warmer than Earth with no ice caps although there are icy  regions in some of the mountainous areas where some peaks sore to 20  km, brrr!!  Skorden has many flora and fauna species and although much of the  planet is fairly barren there are areas where vegetation and wildlife are  numerous.  The plants of Skorden are fairly similar to desert plants on  Earth and because of the dominant light wavelengths from it’s twin suns most of the vegetation on Skorden is red in colour.  There are some plants that are blue and a few that are even green!  The fauna of Skorden are  various and numerous. The three dominant species, the Skorn (dinosaur like), the Verderon and the Wyrmdron (both humanoid but the former is green skinned) have pre- industrial civilizations and are unaware that their world has been  observed for centuries by the Quallen.  Most of the other animal species  are dinosaur like although the creatures the Wyrmdron and Verderon  evolved from are more like Earth mammals.  All of the animal species of Skorden lay eggs and the egg has a central importance in the various  religions of Skorden. The three dominant species are all city dwellers and their cities are  roughly at the same level as cities were on Earth in our Bronze Age.   Most cities have their own king and a priesthood to preside over the  religious needs of their populations.  The architecture of these cities tends to be Cyclopean in type although there are exceptions.  Each city has a  royal palace, temple and residential and commercial districts.  Sewerage  on Skorden is important as there is little water.  All city dwellers take  recycling very seriously and most have their own compost heap to keep the crops in their small gardens growing well. The religions of Skorden are numerous but there is much importance  given to the form and spiritual significance of the egg.  The Skorn  religions, of all the species of Skorden, give the greatest importance to the egg and they take the ceremony of manhood, known as The Time of  Trials, very seriously.  This is a time when a juvenile male proves he is  capable of being a warrior.  Those that fail this passage of manhood  either die or spend their lives as merchants or artisans. The Wyrmdron and Verderon both have dragon like species living on their continents and naturally these creatures, some of which can be really  terrifying, have become religious symbols.  The Dragon is of particular  importance to the Wymdron who have dragon priestesses that possess  the gift of taming these animals.  Wyrmdron priestess’s dragons are  extremely protective of their owners and will lay down their lives to  protect them.  The Quallen are an advanced race of space explorers and are a peaceful  species whose sole interest is the acquisition of knowledge.  They would probably be classed as arthropod in form.  They have built fleets of star  ships which they travel the vastness of space in.  Their ships are capable of above light speed as they can travel through hyper-space much in the same fashion as neutrinos.  Their society has evolved to a state where  money is no longer needed or desired as they all work towards a common goal and share the resources of their planet for the common good.  There space ships are not enormous but are crammed with the most  sophisticated technology for the pursuit of science and acquisition of  knowledge for it’s own sake. Above is a view through the main Gate of Rarkin City one of the main  cities of the Skorn species and is inhabited by the Rarkindae tribe.  The  stone arch of the main gate is hewn from a single piece of stone.  Rarkin is a populace city with a temple, commercial district and a palace for the King